The Most Expensive Streets in England!

There’s just something about looking at properties that we all love, browsing the sites and apps and raising the max price to something crazy. Whether it’s trying to find the most expensive house in your area or you’re just having a look for your next home after you finally win the lottery, everyone does it. But this raises the question; where are the most expensive houses? (And could I afford any of them?)

Which street is the most expensive?

Well, you probably won’t be surprised to know that the most expensive street in England is in the capital! That’s right, London is home to the most expensive street. While this might not come as a shock, you’d like to think that the top ten most expensive streets are scattered across England. They aren’t, all top ten of them are in the London area as of May 2019. Take a look for yourself:

Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QQ

Kensington Palace Gardens is a street known for its luxurious houses and having an average property price of £36 million. Although we did think that the prices would be steep, we just didn’t know how expensive the street was! Kensington Palace Gardens is followed, but by some way, by Courtenay Avenue, also in London. The average property price on Courtenay Avenue is at £21 million which results in a £15 million difference between the two streets.

Falling nicely into tenth place; Albemarle Street, situated just north of Buckingham Palace in Mayfair. The average property price on this street is a refreshing £11 million.

Property prices calculated to the nearest million
All data accurate as of May 2019