Top Tips to Increase your Kerb Appeal

It’s the little things

Dressing up your front door can work wonders to improve your kerb appeal. Your front door is the outside focal point of your home and will more than likely shape a person’s first impression of the property. With a few improvements and a little TLC, a statement front entrance can immensely improve the exterior of your house.

The front of your house should reflect the home’s interior, so choose a colour and style for the front door that will showcase the style of the hallway or entrance way. Make sure that all elements of the front door compliment one another; for example, if you have a brushed nickel door handle, tie your house numbers, outdoor lighting and mailbox into this genre. These finishing touches add aesthetic appeal and uniformity, rather than ‘mix-and-match’ pieces that look dated and out of place. 

The added extras

You may have worked really hard to make the outside of your home more aesthetically pleasing – painted the front door, incorporated beautiful plants and flowers, retiled your front porch, replaced the old guttering, maybe even had your entire driveway resurfaced. But what is the point if you can’t see it? When night falls, all of your hard work disappears. Make the most of your investment with some good outdoor lighting; evening curb appeal is just as important as the day time. And outdoor lighting doesn’t necessarily mean installing wires and using up all your electricity either! LED lighting has become extremely popular due to its versatility and durability.

Green fingers

According to research ‘the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, and affects social behaviour in a positive manner…’ So, what better way to boost your kerb appeal than by surrounding your home with something that makes people happy?

You don’t have to be an avid gardener or have a huge budget to do this either. Any home exterior can be quickly and affordably improved by some potted flowers. You can buy ‘ready-made’ pots from garden centres and some supermarkets. Varied styles and sizes can add a quirky, colourful feature to the front of your property. Or go for a more uniformed and symmetrical look; whatever works best for your home and will flow into the interior of the house.

Spring clean

A thorough clean and tidy can go a long way to help improve your curb appeal. Although many people would believe that the exterior to their house is in good condition, it needs to be looked at through the eyes of potential new buyers or tenants. Are all of the windows and their frames spotless? Could the house do with another lick of paint? Do the paving stones in your driveway need a jet wash? Don’t let rust spots, peeling paint or a neglected flowerbed undo all your hard work!

Another tip which many people neglect is hiding your bins! Or if you can’t, make sure they aren’t overflowing and are clean and odour free. Similarly, is there any litter that may be in the immediate vicinity of your house? What about your neighbours’ bins? Would they be co-operative enough to tidy up too – or perhaps you can offer to do it for them…

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